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Crowns are artificial restorations which fit over your prepared tooth. They are used primarily when your natural tooth is quite badly broken down and is too weak to support a conventional filling.

Traditionally, crowns were made from metal for strength, or porcelain for front teeth where aesthetics are more important. Often, the two materials were combined in a crown fabricated from porcelain bonded to metal alloy. These often left an unsightly black line at the gum margin.

Modern crown materials have undergone somewhat of a revolution over recent years and whilst we still occasionally use gold crowns, most crowns provided at Orange Tree Dental will be made from highly aesthetic ceramic. Cad-Cam technologies are used to scan a model of the prepared tooth resulting in a perfect fit at the margins. We will often use digital photography to convey information to our technicians to ensure an excellent colour match to your natural teeth.

At Orange Tree Dental, we believe that only you and us should know which teeth are crowned!