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At Orange Tree Dental, we are fortunate to work with 2 experienced hygienists. The main role of the hygienist is supporting the dentist in treating gum disease.  Their training also includes applying fissure sealants to children’s teeth, providing gumshields, temporary fillings and whitening teeth.

Good oral hygiene is the cornerstone of a healthy mouth – and the benefits go far beyond.
Recent research has shown links between gum disease and strokes, heart disease, diabetes and premature and low-birth-weight babies.

At Orange Tree Dental, our hygienists do far more than just a quick “scrape and polish”. They are especially talented in teaching you the techniques you need to use at home to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy, complementing our practice philosophy that prevention is better than cure.

The Law was changed in May 2013 to allow patients direct access to hygienists. Previously, patients had to have an appointment with a dentist first. This is great news for patients who want a gleaming smile for that special occasion, or who just wish to have that clean and fresh feeling without having to see a dentist!

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