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Children’s Dentistry

There are few things as wonderful as a child’s smile. From the appearance of your child’s first tooth to losing their last baby tooth, these important steps are moments to be cherished. At Orange Tree Dental we understand how precious your child’s teeth are and that is why we provide all the help and guidance you need to protect them into adulthood.

We know that you would like your child to grow up without needing a filling. We agree. That is why at Orange Tree Dental we believe prevention IS better than cure. Tooth decay is an entirely preventable condition. By working with you and your child we can help them grow up without developing decay.

Our experiences as children shape a lot of how we behave and react as adults. Chances are you know someone who is nervous about going to the dentist, it may even be you! Often these fears originate from a bad experience in the past, often as a child. By focusing on prevention in a relaxing and friendly environment we hope to avoid your child developing any negative experiences of dental care. By establishing a trust and understanding with us we hope they will grow up, not only with a set of healthy teeth, but also without a fear of the dentist.

At Orange Tree Dental we provide a wide range of simple, preventative measures to help protect your child’s teeth. All children are different and so the cornerstone to this is proper oral hygiene advice, tailored to your child’s needs. We also provide fluoride applications, fissure sealants to protect back teeth and more involved treatment should it be required.

Give your child the best start you can at Orange Tree Dental.