Big hike done! On a truly wet and miserable day 12 of us set out to conquer the Wolds around Millington. Armed with compasses, O/S maps, checkpoint co-ordinates and a lot of waterproof clothing we headed off from Millington Village Hall with the hope of making it back before dark! Splitting into 2 teams we trekked up hill and down dale, one team tackling 13 miles and the other a 20 mile course. Nature did it’s best to stop us in our tracks, be it hail-storms, howling winds, an Alsation on the loose or herds of cows blocking our paths. It also provided a stunning backdrop for us as the miles went by. Beautiful scenery such as Millington Pastures, Thixendale, Givendale and Kirby Underdale were all on route. A sterling effort by all meant we all managed to return to base before the 8 hour deadline, some of us with just 10 minutes to spare!  Sadly both the village cafe and pub were shut by the time we finished, the celebratory drink would have to wait!

Thank you to all those of you who have sponsored us on our various practice challenges. It really does make a difference to the lives of some of those in need. If you would like to sponsor us then you can do so by clicking this link or via the sponsor forms at the practice.

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